About Us

The Pflug family– Bernadette, Joe and Allie, the owners of BlackPaw, are the familiar faces you’ll see behind the counter most of the time at BlackPaw. Bernadette started the company with her dog training back in 2004, and by 2006 it had grown into the shop you see today – featuring training, grooming, a self serve dog wash, and natural dog foods, treats, toys, backpacks, etc.  Our philosophy is simple:  personal, sincere care of you and your dog. You’ll always find someone at BlackPaw to answer your questions and help you with your pet. Whether it’s fitting him with a Gentle Leader, discussing dietary concerns, or giving you a few pointers on getting your dog really clean in the dog wash.

Stop on by! We would love to talk to you!

Black Paw Farm Horse
Black Paw - Bernadette Dog Kisses