Cold Weather Pet Care

Cold Weather Pet Care

As we all know, winters are harsh here in Boulder County, Colorado. Our dogs cannot tell us when they are experiencing any type of distress. There are factors such as low humidity, the cold, and hazards from ice and snow that require more vigilance and awareness to help our best friends stay safe, warm and …

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how to store pet food

How to Properly Store Pet Food

Storing pet food and keeping it safe from pests is a very important task. The last thing you want is to feed your pets something that is past its expiration date or that has been infested with insects. Follow these tips to learn how to store pet food properly. Dry Pet Food Storage Dry pet …

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foods to avoid giving your dog

Foods to Avoid Giving Your Dog

As a pet parent, you are solely responsible for the health and well-being of your furry friend. Thus, you should ensure you feed them the right food and keep watching to ascertain they don’t eat harmful foods or substances that negatively impact their wellness. You might assume that since certain foods are healthy for you, …

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senior dog care

Senior Dog Care Tips

Keep an Eye on Their Food Intake As your dog shows signs of aging, you’ll need to monitor its food intake closely. Like people, older dogs can become overweight or malnourished if they’re not careful. So be sure to monitor how much and what food your pet eats. You may need to adjust their diet …

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