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Avoid the most common mistakes new puppy owners often make.

10 Things You Should Never Do With Your Puppy

We train a lot of dogs, but this one is different than most. Rizzo is a service dog in training for our long time friend, Kate. We don’t usually train service dogs because it takes so long and is not our specialty but we made an exception for Kate. She lost her longtime, very special service dog last year and Rizzo has big shoes to fill. He’s off to a great start learning some basics that will be super helpful to his mom. Kate very kindly lent us her old wheelchair for training purposes. He is the perfect service dog candidate.. very stable, calm, strong, and LOVES to learn and work. We are so happy that Kate found this amazing new friend.

Rizzo - service dog in training

Tater is one of the trickiest dogs we have trained in a while. He came in with a bite history to both owners, resource guarding, major jumping and biting at the leash, and hands/arms. Tater was pushy and highly averse to anyone asking him to do anything. He would throw a fit, push his weight around, try to intimidate, and had no qualms about putting his teeth on a person to get his way. At less then a year old, Tater was on track to becoming seriously dangerous. We had to handle him carefully at first, using a muzzle, and slowly earning his respect. He turned around beautifully and we are very hopeful for his future. Dogs like Tater require more assertiveness in handling than most, tons of structure, rules and boundaries. If they don’t find your authority believable, they will walk all over you and someone will get hurt. Here’s a behind the scenes look at some of our work with him.

Tater - aggressive rescue rehab