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Same family owned, locally run business that has served you since 2006.

We offer professional grooming, a fantastic self serve dog wash, a wide selection of natural and holistic pet foods, and certified dog training. We are open 7 days a week.

Grooming is available Tuesday - Saturday 8am - 3pm. Dog wash closes 30 minutes prior to store close to allow our staff time to clean up after all those dirty dogs!

We are conveniently located at the corner of McCaslin Blvd and Centennial Street in Louisville, in the same plaza as Starbucks, Qdoba, Runner's Roost, Dickey's BBQ, and Smiling Moose Deli.


What does is take to make your dog happy? He will thrive when you give him leadership and attention. This formula will help you to build relationship with your dog, based on mutual respect and trust. You can have a relationship with your dog deeper that you ever imagined and Bernadette can show you how. With her training, you will have a happy dog and a happy family. See an example below of a dog that Bernadette was able to help.



Before working with Bernadette, I had worked with a couple of other trainers and still had troubles with my Luna. She had long displayed leash aggression. I felt that I couldn’t take her anywhere like a dog park because I was uncertain how she would react to the other dogs. After working with Bernadette, I am much more confident in handling Luna in situations with other dogs around. In addition, she was horrible on a leash. I knew she knew the commands, but getting her to listen and obey was next to impossible. Now I have no troubles on walks or when jogging. I even work in the front yard with her off leash and don’t worry about other dogs or people. I can calmly take her to places I never thought possible, like McGuckins or the pet store. While I haven’t gotten her green tag yet, I do plan on it and know that she will not only enjoy it, but do so without freaking out about other dogs. Thanks!

Stephen K. - Boulder

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459 S.McCaslin Blvd Louisville, CO 80027

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