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Dog Wash

Don’t trash your bathroom or subject your sweet dog to the cold water from the backyard hose. Check out our custom-made dog tubs and you’ll never wash your dog at home again. We’ve found what we believe is the best dog bath on the market. Our tubs are truly dog-friendly. They’re low enough that even the oldest dogs can hop right in, and since they’re made from fiberglass, they’re completely non-slip. These tubs even allow you to rinse both sides of your pet without ever unclipping or turning the dog. Our water is pre-mixed to the perfect, warm temperature, the spray nozzle allows you to choose how much pressure you want, and our dryers get your dog warm and dry before leaving. We supply aprons (to keep you dry,) brushes, Earthbath natural shampoo, towels, use of our raised grooming tables, dog-friendly tubs, and dryers. All you need to bring is a dirty dog!


$15 – up to 30 minutes / per dog
$20 – per hour / per dog


Dog wash closes 30 minutes prior to store closing to allow our
staff time to clean up after all those dirty dogs!


We supply waterproof aprons, grooming tables, brushes, and
professional grooming dryers making it easy to clean up the
dirtiest dog!


Each of our dog wash stations is equipped with a Pro Bather
system. This allows you to select your choice of Earthbath
Natural Shampoos and the shampoo will come pre-mixed out
of the hose for ease in washing your dog, his undercarriage,
and other difficult to reach areas.